VendettaDAO Announces Plans to Move NFTs to Carbon-Neutral Elysium Blockchain


    VendettaDAO, a company working with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has recently revealed details about the forthcoming migration of its NFTs to the Elysium Blockchain. The Genesis Series NFTs, which are currently hosted on the Polygon and VeChain blockchains, will be moved to Elysium. In order to complete the migration, players will need to confirm their ownership of the NFTs.

    Elysium is a blockchain platform that was created by Vulcan Forged and operates using $LAVA tokens. It is designed to be a carbon-neutral blockchain, meaning it has a reduced environmental impact compared to other blockchain systems. The migration of NFTs from Polygon and VeChain to Elysium will require the discontinuation of the NFTs on their current platforms.

    How to complete the NFT Swap?

    Players must have an Elysium wallet setup in MetaMask. Check out this Medium Post to learn how to add Elysium to MetaMask. Before the NFT migration is launched, detailed instructions will be displayed on the website of VendettaDAO. It will include a form asking for details of the NFTs, such as whether they were on VeChain or Polygon.

    If the NFTs are on VeChain, owners must send the NFTs to VendettaDAO to verify and burn. After verifying, VendettaDAO will mint the Elysium NFTs and send them back to the owner’s wallet. On the other hand, owners will have two choices if the NFTs are on Polygon.

    Vechain NFTs

    The first process is easier as Polygon and Elysium are EVM chains, so both wallets can share the same address. Owners just need to specify the Elysium address, and VendettaDAO will verify the NFTs on Polygon and then mint them on the Elysium blockchain.

    If the owner chooses the second process, they must prove the NFT ownership by sending their NFTs to VendettaDAO’s Polygon address and then pasting the transaction hash into the form. After that, VendettaDAO will verify and burn the old NFTs, then mint the Elysium NFTs and send them to back the wallet.

    VendettaDAO NFTs Migration

    What is VendettaDAO?

    VendettaDAO is a governance system for the Vendetta ecosystem. The DAO will help maintain law and order in the metaverse ecosystem and control the creation, purchase, sale of NFTs and real estate transactions. The Vendetta Ecosystem comprises the Town of Chalk River and other territories where the player would find Hustlers, Cheats, and Drunkards who would kill people for money. Based on this storyline, the metaverse includes chapters and quests for players to spend time on.

    Each Vendetta minigame is accessible throughout the metaverse. Players can earn Vendetta Token ($VDT) for completing storyline chapters, working on improving farmlands, and mining for gold. Gold Dust is the in-game currency that you can earn by playing Vendetta games and interacting with the metaverse. The uses of Gold Dust includes unlocking chapters of the storyline and purchasing limited, in-game items.

    There are several ongoing initiatives at the VendettaDAO, such as the Vendetta Games – an exciting suite of games connected to the Chalk River Metaverse. Guild – a P2E gaming guild that allows web3 investors and gamers to overcome the high cost of entry; and the Vendetta Launchpad – where the company releases new NFT assets by partnering with other metaverse projects.


    About Elysium Blockchain

    Elysium is EVM compatible, and it’s dubbed as “the Blockchain for Metaverses”. The blockchain can host games and dApps. The main token of the blockchain is $PYR, while the gas fee can be paid using $LAVA.

    The blockchain is a low-gas fee blockchain that can compete with Polygon, which handled 7,200 Transactions Per Second (TPS) on a test-net stress test in 2020. We can’t know the exact transaction speed amount, but we assume that Elysium is close to or even higher than this.

    The team also confirmed Elysium have a strong foundation of sustainability. With its proof of stake (POS), it doesn’t require a massive amount of electricity as most others do. This new blockchain aims to be the perfect host of meta versus experience. It doesn’t focus on anything else.

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