Turning the Psychology of “Looking in” Right into a Web3 Challenge

    How do you outline “identity” in Web3? It’s a query that opens up a can of metaverse worms. Is your on-line persona a mirrored image of your true self? Or is it merely a personality that you simply’ve created in lieu of your actual persona? Contemplating the benefit via which customers can cover their IRL existence behind a cartoon PFP, it may be tough to belief that others are being their real selves from behind a display.

    But, issues get extra difficult after we start to consider digital id as one thing separate from real-life, “meatspace” id. Maybe that is the explanation the Soulbound Tokens really feel so dystopian in idea. In actuality, id is dynamic and subjective to every particular person’s sense of self. However at any given time, a person is probably going to offer a different account of their identity, because of their mindset, current scenario, and present bodily setting.

    All in all, id is a tough idea to understand. That is very true in a realm (like Web3 and the NFT house) the place nameless and pseudonymous people typically reign. Do these within the metaverse actually perceive who they’re? One creator is looking for out. “Are you who you are? Or are you who you think you are? Or are you who they think you are,” is what multidisciplinary artist Snuffy is now asking these in Web3.

    Snuffy, id, and psychological well being

    The best way we, as a society, strategy and perceive psychological well being, has modified drastically previously few a long time. Whereas some cite a lack of understanding as one of many causes that earlier generations (Gen X and prior) grew up with a “conceal, don’t feel” perspective, in 2022, psychological well-being is a scorching subject. With the student mental health crisis and the skyrocketing demand for medication offering gasoline to the dialogue surrounding accessibility to psychological well being providers, it’s no shock that some people contemplate their psychological well-being (or psychological sickness) to be a part of their identity.

    But, to Snuffy, actual title Julius Margulies, psychological well being and id have all the time gone hand in hand. For the higher a part of his profession as a tattoo artist, he has been melding id, psychological well being (typically trauma), and the written phrase to create a novel catalog of bodily and digital artwork. By asking his purchasers to write down a narrative a few private expertise, he gathers info and interprets written testimonials into one-of-a-kind artworks that he then tattoos on his purchasers. However now, Margulies is hoping to take this cathartic shopper expertise a step additional into Web3 and make it accessible to anybody.

    “Through examining my practice of tattooing people and interacting with them, I’ve found that people view the tattoo as therapy. But in reality, them writing me their story is the therapy,” Margulies stated in an interview with nft now. “Through that process, they identify themselves in what is usually a traumatic experience. So I realized that my unique value to my clients is self-discovery. From there, I thought, ‘Okay, I have this long client waitlist, and I only have two hands. How can I give this experience of self-discovery to as many people as possible in one shot?’”

    Along with his new challenge Looking In, Margulies is aiming to present the Web3 and NFT communities extra perception into themselves. Simply as Myers–Briggs varieties have become a popular tool for people to narrate to one another over the previous decade or so, Margulies has tapped into the Big Five personality traits, making a gamified NFT expertise so as to add to the development of self-discovery.

    The purpose of “Looking In”

    Whereas Margulies doesn’t declare to be a psychiatrist or licensed psychological well being skilled, he’s let his personal experiences with, and huge analysis about psychological sickness, plus his aforementioned steady function as a type of tattoo therapist, affect his newest endeavor. In recognizing the malleable nature of id in Web3, he hopes that folks can take pause and take part in some self-reflection, using his new challenge as a information.

    How Snuffy's Looking In works
    How Trying In works. Supply: Snuffy

    With Trying In, customers can participate in a casual, sliding scale check meant to offer a fundamental understanding of the place they exist inside the scope of the Massive 5 persona traits: extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. The check is not going to, in any approach, present a analysis or an official evaluation of the consumer’s persona, however exists to supply a tentative sense of self, accompanied by a collage of artwork created by Margulies that seeks to meld persona traits collectively as a visible reflection of a consumer’s check consequence.

    The check additionally exists as a enjoyable mode of connection between customers and their shut associates/communities. As a result of after a consumer finishes their check and sees their outcomes, they’re inspired to have their shut friends take the identical check, answering questions as they relate to the persona of the consumer, to check the consumer’s conception of their very own persona with that of those who know them greatest. Therefore the query, “Are you who you are? Or are you who they think you are?”

    “Most people, when I proposed this [question], they realize, ‘I guess I’m a combination of both who I think I am and how I am perceived by others,’” stated Margulies. “So we built this feedback loop for people to really be honest with themselves. To see who they are and how they’re perceived by others. And then you can actually see that the way that your close circle perceives you is either the same or different than how you perceive yourself.”

    Whereas Trying In — sensible contracted by Transient Labs — is about to launch on December 15 at, and customers can enroll now, particulars surrounding pricing have but to be launched. However Margulies says these taken with collaborating received’t have to fret about token gating or excessive mint costs which are typically related to large-scale NFT initiatives. In contemplating the rising psychological well being disaster in Web3, he desires this challenge to be a casual, communal, and lighthearted approach for all to have the ability to “look inward.”

    “I would love for this project to be adopted in by the masses, and I’m pricing it in an accessible way. I want as many people as possible to learn a little more about themselves and to find comfort in talking about things like depression and mental illness that are maybe considered taboo to talk about,” stated Margulies. “Honestly, I think just for the good of humankind, self-awareness, even for like five minutes, can make the world a better place.”

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