Trump NFT Cards: Former President Mints Rare NFTs for Himself

    Donald Trump recently launched a collection of NFT cards featuring various scenes from his life. The collection, produced and marketed by NFT INT LLC, costs $99 per card and includes the chance to win Trump-related prizes such as dinner with the former president, golf at one of his courses, and a Zoom call with Trump himself. However, after the launch of the collection, concerns have been raised about the fairness of the minting process, as it appears that the Trump team reserved the rarest cards for themselves by minting a thousand NFTs to their own vault wallet.

    According to a recent Twitter post, just one day after making his NFT collection publicly available, Trump’s team created their own vault wallet through gnosis safe and minted 1,000 NFTs to it. This wallet, with the address 0xfb65415Ca83B69DA9bC56B4C9C2334fa402baCd7, has raised questions about the motivations behind this move. Those familiar with the Web3 space know that highly sought-after NFTs can sell for more on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea once they sell out.


    Check out the wallet’s history:

    The primary sale of the Trump NFT collection generated approximately $4.5 million, but it is unclear how many cards were actually sold. Some have speculated that the low number of cards actually sold, combined with the team’s reservation of the rarest cards for themselves, could lead to problems with the secondary market.

    Overall, the launch of Donald Trump’s NFT collection has been met with both amusement and controversy. While some may find the concept of Trump-themed NFTs amusing, others have raised concerns about the fairness of the minting process and the potential implications for the secondary market.

    Conclusion: Trump’s NFT Collection Draws Controversy with Self-Minting

    The recent launch of Donald Trump’s NFT collection has caused controversy due to the team behind the project minting a thousand of the NFTs to their own vault wallet. This action has raised concerns about the fairness of the minting process and has led to backlash on social media. While the collection has generated significant primary sales, it remains to be seen how the controversy will impact the value of the NFTs on the secondary market.

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