Toymint Introduces Child-Friendly NFTs, Minted Teddies

    Toymint is releasing a new collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called Minted Teddies that will be accompanied by physical teddy bears.
    This is a unique approach to NFT collections, as it involves children in the world of Web3 technology. The Minted Teddies collection will be limited to 11,111 pieces and will feature space-themed teddy bears with over 130 unique objects and 20 unique styles.
    The release date for the collection is January 30th, and it is part of Toymint’s mission to “create a better world for children.”



    Toymint’s Minted Teddies – The Process

    Toymint⁠, a Vancouver-based Web3 toy company, is to launch Minted Teddies⁠—collectible metaverse toys that incorporate physical and digital play⁠—on January 30. Designed by Italian artist Claudio Bellini, Minted Teddies are playable characters in the Mintedverse. Each digital asset also comes with a beautifully crafted action figure made with sustainable materials.

    The latest collection includes space-themed teddies and a collaboration with the MoonCats team, featuring over 130 unique objects and 20 styles of space flight gear. Each toy also has a unique digital avatar that collectors can unlock with near-field communication (NFC) technology on a smartphone. The toy company believes that providing children with sustainable, high-quality toys and experiences can contribute to a better future. Past collections have sold out upon release. So, stay tuned for more details.

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