Step Up Your P2E Game with Monsterra on Avalanche: 50 Million Battles and Counting

    Experience faster, more secure gameplay with Monsterra’s move to Avalanche platform

    P2E game Monsterra has seen impressive growth, amassing 300,000 users in just three months and hosting over 50 million battles between players’ Mongen creatures. To provide players with even greater speed, security, and reliability, Monsterra has chosen to launch on the Avalanche platform. This move solidifies Avalanche’s position as the go-to blockchain for gaming, with a growing list of live and upcoming titles from both established Web2 publishers and emerging Web3 studios.

    Join the Excitement of Monsterra's 50 Million Battles on the Reliable Avalanche Platform
    Join the Excitement of Monsterra’s 50 Million Battles on the Reliable Avalanche Platform

    In Monsterra’s animated world, players can develop lands, hatch and raise Mongen, and battle in four different game modes: PvE, PvP, adventure mode (build your own empire), and battlefront (attack other player’s lands). Players can also battle bosses for bonuses and organize tournaments with friends. In 2023 and 2024, Monsterra plans to expand its universe into a multiverse, allowing Mongens to travel to new locations and face new challenges.

    The Monsterra game on Avalanche is currently in soft launch.
    The team has undergone an audit by Certik and is pursuing further audits, including a back-end audit with SecuriChain. Mobile apps are expected to be released soon, and a fifth “legendary” tier of Mongen will be offered. Join the fun and start playing Monsterra today.

    Unleash Your Inner Gamer with Monsterra on Avalanche: 50 Million Battles and Counting
    Unleash Your Inner Gamer with Monsterra on Avalanche: 50 Million Battles and Counting

    About Monsterra:
    Monsterra is a multichain NFT game available on BNB, Avalanche, and OKX networks. It combines a free-to-play model with a free-to-earn mechanism, allowing millions of gamers to play with no upfront investment. The game is set in a fictional world where players can farm, build properties, and battle other lands using magical creatures called Mongen.

    About Avalanche:
    Avalanche is the world’s fastest and most reliable smart contracts platform. Its innovative consensus protocol and unique Subnets allow Web3 developers to easily launch highly scalable solutions. Build anything you want, any way you want, on Avalanche’s eco-friendly blockchain, which is designed for Web3 developers. Deploy on the EVM or use your own custom VM.

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