‘Rich Dad’ R. Kiyosaki warns ‘starvation is coming’ as monetary crash looms

    Robert Kiyosaki, creator of the best-selling private finance ebook ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ has as soon as once more sounded the alarm in regards to the looming main monetary crash and warned in regards to the ensuing hunger, in addition to sharing his suggestions on learn how to finest put together.

    Certainly, Kiyosaki interviewed Chris Martenson, the creator of the re-released ebook ‘The Crash Course,’ which offers with a sequence of crises skilled by the world and their interconnectedness, within the episode of The Wealthy Dad Radio Present streamed on February 22.

    Commenting on Martenson’s ebook, which he referred to as “a book of prophecy” as he “was warning us what was going to happen,” Kiyosaki touched upon his personal prophetic work, suitably titled ‘Prophecy,’ implying that the largest inventory market crash in historical past was nonetheless coming.

    “When the 2008 crash hit, that didn’t fix the problem, it made it worse. So it was easy to predict why the biggest crash was coming. And I think we’re in it right now.”

    Moreover, the ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ creator voiced his pessimistic expectations of the incoming famine and the ensuing social unrest, together with ideas on learn how to climate this disaster:

    “One of the forecasts I see, you know, the pessimists like me, they say starvation is coming. So I tweeted my solution is buy cans of tuna fish. (…) I caught hell for it and almost got shadow banned for recommending tuna fish.”

    Surviving hunger

    Kiyosaki burdened his ‘five G’s’ on learn how to survive any financial recession, together with grub, floor, gasoline, weapons, and gold, stressing that “[you] gotta have ground for food, gasoline for your car, (…) guns, gold. I’ve been preparing for years, and it just sits there.”

    Earlier, Kiyosaki expressed concern that the rising inflation would “wipe out 50% of the U.S. population,” in addition to that retirement plans and pensions could be unpayable in case the inventory market crashes, as Brokers reported in April 2022.

    In response to him, fiat cash not has worth resulting from inflation and central banks overprinting it. As he defined:

    “You can go anywhere with gold and silver, and they say, “welcome!” You go together with these things [paper money], they go, ‘we don’t know what its worth is anymore ’trigger they’re printing a lot of it.’”

    Earlier warnings

    Notably, Kiyosaki has been warning of a “giant crash coming” for a while now, together with in mid-February when he defined that america Federal Reserve was “forced to print billions in fake money,” which is how he described the U.S. greenback.

    Alongside silver and gold, Kiyosaki has praised Bitcoin (BTC) as one of many three “hottest subjects on earth,” referring to the flagship decentralized finance (DeFi) asset as “people’s money” and attributing its bullish rally earlier this yr to the growing demand for various funding merchandise.

    In late January, he additionally warned of the “rough landing for the world” as the results of hovering “bad news, bankruptcy, unemployment, [and] homelessness.” suggesting investing in treasured metals and Bitcoin as invaluable belongings that might climate the financial storm.

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