ETHDenver goes past cringe to utility, tradition and past

    As ETHDenver attracts to a detailed, builders throughout Web3 depart with new concepts, developments and utilities led by a singular and multi-hyphenated tradition and neighborhood inquisitive about all the things from wallets to companies, privateness, dank sharding, folks music, video video games and artwork.

    ETHDenver attracts closely on its distinctive tradition

    Cringe apart, individuals coming collectively irl is cool. To all of the haters:

    Privateness swimming pools and zero-knowledge roll-ups dominate tech-side

    On the sidelines of ETHDenver, Ameen Soleiman revealed the launch of Privateness Swimming pools, a follow-up to the banned mixer Twister Money, which has been sanctioned by the US authorities and its founder imprisoned in Holland attributable to its affiliation with North Korean hacking teams. Soleiman, who goes by @ameensol on Twitter, claims that Privateness Swimming pools will allow customers to conduct personal and largely untraceable transactions whereas additionally discouraging illegal actions resembling cash laundering.

    Zero-knowledge Ethereum Digital Machine (zkEVM) rollups additionally dominated several ETHDenver meetups. Polygon showcased their newest zkEVM rollup and even gave out some free Polygon swag. On what to anticipate from Polygon’s zk rollup, see CryptoSlate’s abstract of Jordi Baylina‘s recent engineering and technical explanation.

    ERC-4337: Ethereum Foundation to announce new standard for account abstraction at ETHDenver

    The Ethereum blockchain has deployed a new feature called “account abstraction” that could make it easier for users to recover their crypto if they lose their private keys. This new standard, called ERC-4337, was deployed via a smart contract called EntryPoint and has already undergone a security audit. Launched during Walletcon in the week preceding ETHDenver, the new account abstractions standard is a vast improvement on the order of magnitude problem.

    LensProtocol doubles down on Web3

    “I would love to see entrepreneurs building small use cases and iterating. Many ideas will fail but the point is to build fast, keep iterating and learning. Lens makes it easier and less risky to experiment,” said Stani Kulechov, founder of Lens Protocol, a decentralized social media enterprise aimed at connecting users with their “digital roots.”

    ETHDenver saw the rise of DeFi approaches to all sorts of Web2 problems, social media ownership and identity being only one.

    Interest in L1s and DeFi protocols continue

    “Filecoin is the world’s largest decentralized storage community! Amassing that amount of {hardware} world wide isn’t any small job,” stated FileCoin Founder Colin Evran throughout a presentation at ETHDenver.

    In Feb., FileCoin’s FIL token elevated by greater than 30%, led by curiosity in EVM’s and interoperability layer-1 protocols. Filecoin’s addition of a digital machine will rework the community right into a fully-fledged layer 1 distributed ledger technology. In September, the community unveiled the FVM launch on the FIL Singapore convention, promising that the software program platform would assist a spread of user-programmable purposes resembling perpetual storage, storage replication, restore automation, and liquid staking by means of block rewards. Moreover, FVM has the potential to allow the creation of data-centric decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), which might allow pay-per-view transactions and the event of Web3 video games, amongst different use instances.

    And it wouldn’t be ETHDenver with out SBF bathroom paper

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