Controversy Surrounds Trump’s NFT Collection for Using Copyrighted Images

    Donald Trump’s NFT collection, titled “Collect Trump Cards” or “Trump Digital Trading Cards,” has faced controversy for using copyrighted images from companies such as Amazon and Walmart without proper licensing. The collection, created by NFT INT LLC and featuring 45,000 collectible cards, sold out in just over 12 hours and is now performing well on the secondary market, with a floor price of 0.25 ETH, or approximately $300, on OpenSea. The creator fee for the collection is 10%.

    Copyrighted Images in Trump NFT Collection

    Several images within the collection have been identified as potentially violating copyright laws, with Twitter users and media outlets pointing out that the images were taken from projects by Amazon and Walmart without proper licensing. Matthew Sheffield took to Twitter to expose a cowboy version of Trump, which was seen on an NFT and was actually taken from an Amazon product image for a cowboy costume, though it was slightly altered. Sheffield also released images of an astronaut image that was seemingly stolen. Many more images, including a tuxedo and hunter, have also been called out for potentially violating copyright laws. Others, such as WhaleChart, have noted that you can still see a watermark from a stock image company in a pilot costume worn by one of the Trump NFT characters.
    Neither NFT INT LLC nor Donald Trump’s team has commented on the allegations.

    Floor price of Trump NFT collection on OpenSea
    Floor price of the Trump NFT collection via OpenSea

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